SEO Analysis Boise Idaho


Three Month Analysis Package

Before I can offer you a package, I need to know everything possible about your business and online presence. The analysis package below does just that. We always start with this analysis and create a custom package afterwards. I spend five hours a month analyzing all aspects of your website, niche, business, your competitors, and your keywords. I do this for a minimum of three months. After this analysis is done, I draw up a plan of attack for how to give you more traffic, sales, and conversions. Each website and company is completely different, so there’s no way to know what to do for you until I do a complete analysis. This is the most professional way to approach an SEO campaign.


Overall Benefits of the SEO Analysis Package:

  • Deep analysis finds exactly what will work in the search engines for you.
  • Allows for a custom SEO package tailored to the findings.
  • Allows us to negotiate a custom package price based on the analysis and your budget.
  • Clarifies what makes your competitors rank and how to outrank them.
  • Clarifies what keywords are right for your site.
  • Clarifies what intensity of a local or national campaign will be best.
  • Identifies any roadblocks to success.
  • The analysis truly sets the ground for the most efficient strategy.


Overall Benefits of the SEO Package Created Through the Analysis

  • On-site SEO starts the process of ranking for your keywords from the analysis.
  • If local campaign is appropriate, the package gets you ranking for local search terms.
  • If national campaign is appropriate, best-of-the-web content helps you rank for more lucrative terms.
  • Ongoing keyword research and analytics fine-tune for more success.
  • Building rankings using Google-friendly methods provides for continued success into the future.
  • The package created through the analysis maximizes your return on investment.
  • Social media is used to maximize success
  • Content (like a blog, articles, or other text on the site) works to maximize traffic, sales, and conversions.
  • Branding and SEO package works well in conjunction with the rest of your marketing.


Remember, we always start with the analysis. After the analysis, and when the package is created, it’s important to note that sometimes all you need is on-site SEO. Usually, a local or national campaign is necessary, though. My fee for analysis is $70/hour and my fee for all packages created is $50/hour. On-site SEO usually takes five to fifteen hours, and has a very small monthly additional expense. Local SEO takes ten to twenty hours a month and national campaigns take twenty to thirty hours per month. Again, all packages are custom made based on your niche and your budget. SEO is a long term marketing effort, and thus the package is normally set up with a monthly fee.